Candle Drama: The Sequel Nobody Asked For!

Candle Drama: The Sequel Nobody Asked For!

Remember those amazing candles I used to sell? The ones made with love (and paraffin wax) in Arizona, burning for over 100 hours? Yeah, well, another company just relaunched under the same name, but let's just say they're more like "Elvis: The Vegas Years" compared to our "Original Sun King."

Here's the Breakdown:

  • Our Candles: Hand-poured (some still by hand!), 2 wicks, paraffin wax for a strong scent throw, 16oz & 26oz jars that last a lifetime (well, over 100 hours).
  • Their Candles: Mass-produced, soy wax (not as strong!), 3 wicks burning like crazy (goodbye savings!), smaller 14oz jars that disappear in a flash (35-40 hours?), and more expensive!

Think of it like knockoff designer purses - the logo might be the same, but the quality? Worlds apart. Don't get fooled by a name!

The Moral of the Story:

Stick with the real deal. Grab some of our amazing, long-lasting candles and keep the candle drama out of your life.

P.S. We still use some of the same fragrance houses as the "other guys" used to, but hey, we do it better (and with more love!).


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