Our Fundraiser Candles

Sunset Scents Fundraising Candle program is far more profitable than cookie dough, gift wrap, or candy bars. Your Organization earns a 40% PROFIT ($9.20 per candle). With just a 25 Candle Minimum Order. Any group or individual can benefit from our Fundraiser Candle Program. Sports Teams, Cheerleading Squads, School Groups, Church Groups, Dance Studios, and many others have been very successful with a Sunset Scents Candle Fundraiser.
Since starting our Fundraiser Program in Fall 2020 we have helped over 450 Groups raise almost $535,000!!!! 

We make it easy with ZERO Up-Front investment, Instant Profit, Speedy Delivery, and a Personal Fundraising Specialist to guide you through every step.

A Sunset Scents Fundraiser is a win for everyone! Customers get to support a great cause and receive an amazing product and groups make a 40% profit and provide their customers with a high-quality candle that's made in the USA.

Email us today for more information about our Candle Fundraiser Program or Search for a local Distributor to learn more.