Become a Merchandiser for Sunset Scents

*Request an application from your local Merchandiser/ Distributor or email us at or at our Contact Us page, to request one.

*Check with the State, City, County or Country 

*Apply for your Sales Tax License/ GST in Canada

*You will be responsible for collecting sales tax from customers and paying it to the State/City/Country where applicable.

* Email us your application and copy of your tax license. When you are approved you will receive an email with login information to place your 1st Initial order.

* Place your 1st order of $250 retail or more within 72 hours of being approved either in Our back office or your Distributors back office.

All orders of $250 or more Retail receive a 30% discount.



10% Shipping on All US orders OR Local Pick UP
15% Shipping on All Canadian orders Plus Customs and taxes

 Sell what you want when you want!

We would LOVE to have you as part of our Salesforce!