Limited Edition Scent Bursts

If you have EVER wondered how to stop those nasty smells from taking over your house, car, closet, hotel room, RV or gym bag, you are NOT alone. While we LOVE making candles here at Sunset Scents we realize that sometimes a candle isn't all that practical. That's why we created Scent Bursts! Not only are they in 5 of our MOST Popular scents but they are now available in 3 Limited Edition Spring Scents! These are perfect for anywhere a candle isn't and some of our Distributors and Merchandisers have come up with some pretty unique places to use them. Ever thought about putting them in your vacuum as you vacuum your house? They did! Ever thought about putting them in with your Kitty Litter so that your Laundry Room or Bathroom smells fresh? They Did! These really have been such a hit this Spring that it is hard to keep them in stock. Order yours today and share on our Facebook page how you use your Scent Bursts.