National Peach Cobbler Day!

Happy National Peach Cobbler Day! Have you ever eaten Peach Cobbler? There is NOTHING like homemade Peach Cobbler with vanilla Ice cream and whipped cream. While most people know that Georgia is known for peaches many people don't realize that so is Japan. I had some of the BIGGEST and juiciest peaches I have ever had in my life while living in Japan. The Peach probably originated in China and then spread westward through Asia to the Mediterranean countries and later to other parts of Europe. The Spanish explorers took the peach to the New World, and as early as 1600 the fruit was found in Mexico. According to USDA reports, the top 10 peach-producing states were, in order, California, South Carolina, New Jersey, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Washington, Michigan, New York and West Virginia. I think that one of the reasons so mnay people enjoy peaches and peach cobbler is that it reminds them of summer, and who doesn't LOVE summer. Save yourself the calories and grab your very own Limited Edition 22oz Peach Cobbler Candle TODAY!