Spring Training is HERE!! Well not exactly.

If you are like most baseball fans usually by this time of year you are getting excited because the big league players have reported to camp and games are about to start. Unfortunately, like just about everything these past two years NOTHING has gone as planned or is how it used to be. With today's deadline and the threat to cancel regular season games if the two sides can't come to a new collective bargaining agreement the 2022 Baseball Season is still unknown. As fans it is hard to relate to both the owners and the players and the fact that many Americans have lost their jobs, are making much less, have had to deal with inflation and don't even get me started on the gas prices, WE just want SOMETHING to go back to normal and a baseball strike isn't helping. So what's a fan to do? Well for starters you can watch college baseball, it's pretty exciting and if you are lucky enough to live close by a bigger university go catch a game. Your local High School would LOVE some fans if you don't live close by a college. Make sure to bring something to sit in not all fields have a ton of bleachers and they can be pretty uncomfortable anyway. But if you can't get out to a game maybe our Tobacco Vanilla candle could be just the ticket? WE held our own company Spring Training this past January and created these candles for our Merchandisers with the hopes that customers would want to purchase them to "GET READY" for MLB Spring Training. Though it isn't looking like that will happen this year you can always support Sunset Scents Hustle & Heart with ANY candle you buy. Give it a try you won't be disappointed.
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