Sunset Scents Bake Shop is NOW OPEN!!!

Sunset Scents Bake Shop is NOW OPEN!!!

Do you LOVE the smell of Fresh Baked Bread? Does the smell of Cherry Pie remind you of your grandma's house? Does the smell of Oatmeal Raisin Cookies make your mouth water? Want to save the calories? Too tired to bake? Well then Sunset Scents has got you covered. Choose from our 5 amazing Bake Shop Scents in our unique 20oz jar. Want even MORE reasons to love these candles? The jars are perfect to reuse after you finish the candle with their twist on/off lid. 

To reuse glass candle jars:

1. Place the candle in the oven and set from 150-200 degrees on a baking sheet. Allow wax to warm until liquefied. (Lower temperatures are recommended to avoid burns)

2. Carefully empty the molten wax onto newspaper or another container and place in trash. 

3. While the jar is still warm, thoroughly wipe out the inside with a paper towel.

4. Give a final, thorough wash with dishwashing soap and the jar is ready to reuse

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