Sunset Scents Gives Back!

Here at Sunset Scents we believe in giving back to our community. What started out as just giving to a Breast Cancer Charity in October 2020 from the sales of our "PINK" Sugar Cookie Candle has turned into a Seasonal charity program. Cyndi and I have decided to select a charity each season and create a specialty candle/candles and donate a portion of the proceeds to different charities that we select. This spring we have created our Bouquet of Flowers to help raise money for Jacob's Hope. Our salesforce, employees and customers can also get a free Jacob's Hope Heart Candle with every $10 Wishlist item donation or $10 cash donation. This will run through April 30th and we hope to be able to donate over $2000 to Jacob's Hope. If you are in the market for some great floral candles, need and couple gifts or just want to support a great cause, pick up some bouquet of flowers candles TODAY!