The Smell of Summertime

The Smell of Summertime

Summer's Here (in Arizona at Least!) ☀️

May 1st hit, and the desert already feels like a sizzling summer day! That got us thinking about all the amazing scents that scream "summertime!"

Think back to your own childhood summers. Was it the salty air of the beach, the chlorine at the pool, or the sweet smell of freshly cut grass after a summer rain? Studies show that smell has the strongest connection to memory, like a superhighway straight to your happy summer days.

For some of us at Sunset Scents, our summers were filled with trips to the Jersey Shore, picnics under the sun, and of course, delicious treats like juicy watermelon and ice cream. That's why we created scents like "Juicy Watermelon," "Storm Watch" (that fresh rain smell!), and "Strawberry Sucker" to take you right back to those carefree days.

West coasters? East coasters? No matter where you grew up, there's a Sunset Scents summer memory waiting to be relit. Light a candle, close your eyes, and let the scent transport you back to those endless summer days.

P.S. Don't we all wish we could go back to those carefree days sometimes? With a Sunset Scents candle, you can escape for an hour or two.

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